Cambodia among 20 countries with 4DX

In the last few years, if I want to watch 3D movie, I will go to either Legend Cinema or Platinum Cineplex, where you can enjoy wearing 3D glasses and having popcorn.

However, if you want to enjoy more than just 3D movie, come to Major Cineplex. Situated on 2nd advanced technology movie which is called 4DX movie. Chy Sila, a shareholder of Major Cineplex, said 4DX is the first ever technology that is brought to Cambodia’s cinema, comparing to some countries like Singapore and Malaysia that have not experienced such kind of technology yet.

4DX is really cool! my first 4DX movie is “Hercules” who is a demigod whose father is the Zeus having affair with a mortal queen. Hercules is an action and adventurous movie, which is best to make you feel all special effect of 4DX. It is not just watching still like 2D or 3D, but 4DX makes me feel the motion of the movie through vibrate chair, plus the prepared scent.

There is one scene when Hercule is riding his chariot into the battle, and the chair starts to move like the horse pace and I all have to do is gripping my armchair tight as if I was in the movie. Sometimes there is quick flash light and fog come out in the cinema which gives me the best experience. The fun thing is you will get water spray in some scenes.

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