Celebrate Khmer New Year in Style with Limited-Edition Yeo’s Bird’s Nest Packaging that Honors Cambodia’s Artisans

Yeo’s Bird’s Nest is commemorating Khmer New Year with flair, introducing special edition packaging in the form of a woven basket that pays homage to the skills of Siem Reap artisans, who have been weaving tales of tradition for generations


Yeo’s is getting in the festive spirit and helping customers to mark the Khmer New Year in style with the launch of a handwoven basket to carry Yeo’s Bird’s Nest that celebrates the talents of Siem Reap artisans, who have been weaving history for generations.

Yeo’s takes pride in putting its customers first, providing drinks packed full of health benefits that are the perfect accompaniment to any celebration. This is evident in Bird’s Nest, a traditional health food used in traditional Chinese medicine, believed to support the immune system and skin health. It is also pulling out all of the stops to ensure consumers have unforgettable Khmer New Year celebrations by boosting their energy and providing a refreshing and delicious partner for all parties.

To celebrate Khmer New Year while paying tribute to the Kingdom’s age-old traditions that have been passed down through time, Yeo’s is collaborating with artisanal communities in Siem Reap. Ahead of the celebrations, the two rich Cambodian traditions of weaving and celebrating Khmer New Year have come together, with expert weavers busy handcrafting their unique baskets for the festivities.

Now, Yeo’s Bird’s Nest is inviting consumers to join the festivities by purchasing the special Khmer New Year basket, featuring 12 cans of Yeo’s Bird’s Nest. By doing so, they will also directly support the communities. For each basket purchased, 3,000 riels will be contributed directly to the weavers, with Yeo’s pledging to match that by also contributing 3,000 riels.

“At Yeo’s, we don’t only care about our customers, we also strive to contribute to Cambodia’s communities, and be a creative innovator along the way. What better way to achieve this than ensuring our customers enjoy a special and commemorative time during the biggest celebration in the Cambodian calendar through this special limited-edition basket, woven by some of the country’s finest weavers,” said Sreysor So, Head of Marketing of Yeo’s Cambodia.

Basket weaving has a long history in Siem Reap, with the craft being passed down through generations. In recent years, efforts have been made to preserve and promote traditional basket weaving in Siem Reap, with various organizations providing support and training to local artisans to help them refine their skills and continue the craft for future generations.

Khiev Ray is one of the weavers who has been busy handcrafting Yeo’s Bird’s Nest Khmer New Year’s baskets. The 72-years-old has dedicated the majority of her life to the craft, starting at the age of 14.

“I learned weaving from my parents,” she said, adding that she can make between five and six baskets daily. “Weaving helps me and my community earn income to support our daily lives.”

Consumers will be able to take advantage of the offer and join in with some fun activities at Yeo’s booth activation at wet markets, gas stations, bus terminals, supermarkets and selected retailers, from April 1 to 12, 2024. Follow Yeo’s Cambodia on social media to find out more.

About Yeo’s Cambodia

YHS (CAMBODIA) FOOD & BEVERAGE PTE LTD (also known as Yeo’s Cambodia) is part of Yeo Hiap Seng Ltd., which has a corporate history that stretches back more than 120 years. Yeo’s Cambodia launched in 2013 and has grown to become the Kingdom’s leading Asian drink brand. A title confirmed when it was named the Number 1 Choice for Asian drinks in Cambodia based on Kantar Research in March 2021. Yeo’s is committed to providing today’s consumers with high-quality, healthy and innovative products.

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