Sensitive Skin

My very first post on beauty discusses sensitive skin, which is the type of skin I have to deal with every day. I remember a period in my life where I got a very consistent skin rash on my cheeks that wouldn’t go away and I couldn’t tolerate any kind of cosmetics.

Fortunately, the phase passed thanks to a diligent skin care routine and a very good dermatologist. So, what is sensitive skin? Sensitive skin can be oily, dry, or a combination of both. However, its main feature is its susceptibility to allergies, rash, and redness.

Usually, we are born either with sensitive skin or have used products that sensitized our skin. Usually, people with this skin type are allergic to chemicals added to beauty products such as preservatives, coloring, and fragrance. The key to treating sensitive skin is to follow the “Less is More” mentality. Do not use unnecessary products that will only further damage your skin. The basic skin care routine is cleanse, tone, and moisturize.

11111111Choose cosmetic products that are meant for sensitive skin. Usually, they are free of paraben (preservatives), dyes, and artificial fragrance. It may not be easy to find those products in Cambodia, but do check out pharmacy such as UCare or Preah Chan Penh Vong, which also sell good beauty products meant for sensitive skin. My personal favorite from those stores is Avene Thermal Spring Water, a spring water spray that I use as a toner after cleansing. It keeps my face cool and very refreshed.

Avene also has a good line of moisturizer and cleanser for skin that I used to have and I did like the result. Right now, My current favorite brand is The Body Shop (The Aloe Vera for Sensitive Skin Line), a brand I grow fond of during my stay in the U.S. I bought from the line a cleanser, nightly and daily moisturizer, and a mask (which I use weekly).

The main active ingredient is aloe vera, a plant with natural soothing and cooling power, which is excellent for sensitive skin. I support the brand not only because of its quality but also because it supports fair trade and is against animal testing. As everybody’s skin is different, you may try out different brands and choose one that fits you.

Apart from the basic routine, make sure you wear sunscreen when you are out in the hot sun as sensitive skin gets red very easily. I hope you find this post useful. Let me know on the comments below if you have suggestions or doubts on my post! If you got a different skin care routine, please feel free to share as well!

I would love to see what every body is doing with their skin, which is kinda nosy… but anyway.. 😀 Source: Tons of research on the Internet and several trips to the dermatologist’s office 🙂

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