How to make a Cambodia’s Swamp Cooler?

Here are some tips of how to make hand-made air conditioner from ice box and fan. Materials: -1 ice box that is big enough to fit the fan. -1 fan -3 empty small bottles -1 small sharp knife -1 pen How to make it: First, you put the cover of the fan on the lid of ice box, then you use a pen to draw a circle around the fan, slightly smaller than the fan. Second, use your small sharp knife to cut out the marked area on the ice box. After you cut it, then you can take away that circle piece then try to put the fan over the hole. If it fits without falling in the box, then it is good. Third, cut the small empty water bottles in half, then draw the circles on the side of the ice box. Then cut those marked circles. You can adjust the temperature of your new air conditioner. If you want super cold then leave the holes open without the bottles. If you don’t want the ice melting very fast you can use the cut bottles to block the holes a bit. Just remember to open the lids of those water bottles or you won’t have any air. At the end you just need to put a block of ice and some water in your box and then start the fan. Stay cool friends! Good luck with this do-it-yourself project.

We will make a video to put on Youtube in next version.
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You can you fan with the battery I guess.
You can use the fan with the battery I guess.

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