New Requirements for Local Businesses: Adopting National .KH Domain Names

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A new notice from the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (#0837) says that all local companies must now use the national web domain name “” and have an email address with “”.

According to legal firm DFDL, in their recent updates, companies lacking an e-mail address with a level 2 national domain name “” are urged to promptly apply for one from the Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia. This is crucial to align with the stipulations outlined in Sub-Decree 287, dated 31 December 2021, governing the Management and Use of National Domain Names (“Sub-Decree 287”).

What is Article 5 of Sub-Decree 287 ?

Sub-Decree 287 classifies domain names as follows:

  • “ “” for business enterprises or public enterprises”.
  • “ “” for organizations, associations, and unions”.
  • “ “” for public and private educational institutions”.
  • “ “” for companies or institutions providing computer network services”.
  • “ “” for ministries and state institutions”.
  • “ “.kh” for general use as a business or individual”.
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How to apply for the .kh domain in Cambodia ?

Visit the Telecoms Regulator of Cambodia’s website and fill out the application forms online or on paper. Go to the link provided on their website.

When the form requests nameservers/IP addresses, use the nameservers from your web hosting or DNS provider.

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More information about the .kh domain can be found on Users can register .kh online too. 

How Long are the .kh domains valid for ?

In addition, except for a domain name ending Get your business registration documents organized first; you’ll need them later.

Visit the website of the Telecoms Regulator of Cambodia and complete the online or printed application forms. You should go to on their website.  When the form asks for the nameservers/IP addresses you will need to enter the nameservers from your web hosting or DNS provider. Try if you are looking for website hosting in Southeast Asia.

Then submit the documents to the TRC. When the processing is finished the TRC will inform you that your domain name is now registered and ready for use.

with “”, all other domain names are valid for one year from the date of registration and are renewable by paying an annual fee.

How much do the .kh domains cost?

Except for “” domains, all others remain valid for one year from the registration date and are renewable through an annual fee payment. The registration fee is approximately 406,000 riel (US$100), with an initial annual fee of 121,000 riel (US$30), as reported by ASEAN Brief.

DFDL highlights that failure to pay the renewal fee within sixty days of expiration leads to temporary suspension, and after this period, the domain name will be permanently deleted. Additionally, domain names may be deleted upon request by the owner or in adherence to relevant laws and regulations.

Starting from 1 January 2023, during the annual declaration of commercial enterprise, companies are required to furnish the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) with an email address possessing a level 2 national domain name.

Joint Notification 0837 does not specify whether non-compliance with these requirements will subject a company to monetary fines.

We appreciate DFDL for providing this information – see their article here.

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