iPhone-Taken Photos of Phnom Penh

Nowadays, my favourite paste time is taking pictures with my iPhone 5S. I used two Nokia phones (feature phones) which dropped out of my pocket unknowingly, and a Samsung S3 phone which cost me $515 but a year later dropped to $315. T_T I was told that the cost of Android phones depreciates fast. That’s a sure thing in a lot of smart phone markets.

Last month, I decided to purchase an iPhone 5S after having my Samsung S3 pickpocketed at Diamond Island (Koh Pich). So far I have been pretty content with my white iPhone 5S 32 GB  for the fact that it runs so smoothly and doesn’t give me the kind of trouble that andriod phones did to me, though it cost me $780 at Sok Ly Phone Shop located around Central Market.

Here are some of my favourite photos taken with my iPhone 5S!

photo 1
Phnom Penh after rain
photo 2
Hot Phnom Penh!
photo 3
Phnom Penh’s sunset
photo 4
Phnom Penh at night
photo 1
Phnom Penh’s night club
photo 3
Phnom Penh’s dance scene
photo 4
Phnom Penh’s 3D Printer technology
photo 5
The official launch of the Development Innovations Cambodia, a USAID-funded project for 3 years
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