30 Excellent Khmer Books Cambodian Parents Can Teach Their Kids

Looking for some books to read to your kids, below is a list of excellent Khmer books to help you parents teach your kids during this self-isolation time.

1ពួកគេទៅវាលThey go to the field
2រត់! រត់! រត់!Run! Run! Run!
3នេះជាពូសំThis is Uncle Sam
4យើងទៅលេងសៀមរាបWe go to visit Siem Reap
5កូនចេះI Know
6ពួកគេចេះរាំThey can dance
7បូបូរៀបចំទៅសាលារៀនBoBo prepares to go to school
8១ ២ ៣…One Two Three …
9ទិញអីវ៉ាន់It is Shopping’s time
10តូតូរៀនតាមជីតាToTo imitate grandpa
11ពេលវេលារបស់មូមូMoMo’s timetable
12តោះយើងរាប់ជើង!Let’s count the legs!
13ចេះ…មិនចេះ…Know … don’t know …
14តុក តុក តុក!Tuk Tuk Tuk!
15តោះយើងហើរ!Let’s fly!
16តើនេះជាសំឡេងនរណា?Whose voice is this
17មេអំបៅ និងកេងកងButterflies and Hornbill
18លេងបិទពួនPlaying hide-and-seek
19តើពួកគេទៅណា?Where are they going?
22លលកTurtle Dove
23តោរត់ គោដើរLion runs cow walks
24តើនរណាជួយកូនបាន?Who can help you?
26នំធី១One big cake
27ណាវី និងបូរ៉ាNavi and Bora
28នេះជា…This is …
29យើងទៅជួយWe go and help
30ដើរលេងតាមសូនWalking in the garden

This list is compiled by Scholar Book KH. If you want to purchase a physical copy of the book, you can contact Scholar Book KH directly.

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