Too Concerned to go out and buy groceries? Here are the TOP 5 GROCERY DELIVERY PLATFORMS

By Bounarith Saat

Don’t you find it tiring when your weekdays are occupied by work, but you still have to find time to get your groceries? We all know that we need to do our grocery shopping to fulfill the daily demands of our family, but it can be a tiring thing to do when we have to spend  more than eight hours almost everyday at our workplace, and yet are expected to find spare time for this essential activity.

As the world braces itself for the novel coronavirus pandemic, and with over 120 reported cases in Cambodia, do you think it is still a good idea to expose yourself and potentially others while you go out shopping for groceries? In these critical times, it is best if we stay at home and minimise social contact in order to lower the rate of transmission in our communities.

Now with increased options for online shopping in Phnom Penh, you don’t need to stress yourself out too much.  We are excited to introduce the top five Grocery Delivery Platforms in Cambodia that can fulfill your grocery needs without having to step outside of your house.


Delishop.Asia, founded by Julien Nguyen, is an online supermarket that was introduced in Cambodia to transform the experience of premium online grocery shopping. Delishop.Asia was launched as a web-based application and is known as the leading online market that provides fast delivery of grocery products, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other fast-moving consumer durables. With investment from OBOR Capital, a leading venture capital fund in Cambodia, Delishop aims to transform the experience of online grocery shopping in the country.  Currently offering over 9,000 products spread over a wide-range of product categories, has partnered with more than  40 suppliers in total and also maintains its own warehouse of supplies. To order, just go to Delishop.Asia, select your products and choose from various available payment options such as Scan QR code upon delivery and pay via Wing Pay and ABA Pay. Another option is cash on delivery. You will also have the option to choose the time of the delivery at the place of your preference between 10am and 8pm everyday. For same day deliveries of products marked with GET IT TODAY, the orders must be placed before 1pm. The minimum order should be at least USD 10 with a delivery fee of USD 1. Orders equal to or more than USD 50 are delivered free of charge. also provides multiple payment options:  customers can either choose to pay cash on delivery, or online payment methods such as Wing Pay, ABA Pay, Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay. On top of this, Delishop.Asia has also announced the launch of “contactless delivery” through which customers can  make payment just by scanning a QR code on their Wing or ABA apps. With a wide-range of products and consumer goods, as well as multiple payment options including the recently launched  “contractless delivery”, Delishop is sure to emerge as a superapp at a time when most prefer to maintain social and physical distancing.

2/ Cambomarket

Cambomarket is another grocery delivery platform in Cambodia that aims to be the perfect solution for a seamless and pleasurable online grocery shopping experience. The platform is now servicing Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, listing more than 600 products, including fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, instant noodles, spices, healthy drinks, meats and many more products. If you finish your order before 7PM, then Cambomarket offers same day delivery. However, if the order is sent after 7PM, then it will be delivered to your front door the next day. The minimum order is USD 5. Cambomarket also does not charge any additional delivery fee from its customers. It also provides discounts for some products boosting customer savings. As with Delishop.Asia, Cambomarket also has integrated payment options. Customers can either choose to pay via online payment methods such as Pipay, Wing and Paypal, and credit and debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Customers who are not familiar with digital payment methods or just prefer not to use them can choose to pay cash on delivery. The platform is available in both web-based and mobile applications which translates to convenience for customers. It is also available in both Khmer and English language. You can access through your mobile phone or computer now to get special prices on a wide range of products! 

3/ AEON online shopping

When you see or hear the name AEON, you immediately know that this is a brand which has built a great name for itself in retail.  It is also a brand that has built a loyal following among its retail customers. Well, for those who weren’t aware, you can also shop with AEON through its online shopping channel which offers many grocery delivery options delivered straight to your home. Quite similar to its competition in this space, AEON Online Shopping offers a wide range of grocery items, electronic products, household goods, food and beverages on its online catalogue.  Customers can either choose to have the products delivered to their place of preference, or schedule a pick up from an AEON MaxValu Express outlet. Customers can choose either to pay in cash or use their Visa or Mastercard. The service charge for availing AEON’s home delivery service is USD 1. The AEON Online Shopping experience comes in both web-based and mobile app format, in four languages – Khmer, English Japanese and Chinese. If you enjoy your grocery shopping experience at AEON’s retail outlets, you are bound to enjoy shopping on their online platform as well. Visit today!

4/ Grocery Delivery

Founded in 2017, GroceryDeliveryAsia is a unique online supermarket platform that offers express and next day delivery service. GroceryDeliverAsia has partnered with more than 30 vendors with a catalogue of 7000 products offered online. The delivery time on this platform depends on the products you are ordering. Some products can be delivered within two hours, while others may take up to 24 hours to do so. The minimum order on this platform is USD 5 and customers ordering goods worth more than USD 10 can avail free delivery services. You can choose to pay via Visa or Mastercard, or PiPay or AliPay QR codes or cash upon delivery. GroceryDeliveryAsia also offers some in-store discounts for products and is available online through your browser or through a mobile application, but only in the English language.

5/ Grocerdel

Grocerdel is the new kid on the block, and was founded as an online supermarket in 2019. It was introduced to the Cambodian market with the primary purpose to “provide delivery of farm-fresh produce, locally made products, and wholesale goods right to the doorstep of customers at the time they choose.” Grocerdel now provides thousands of products to its customers, some of which come with attractive discounts. Grocerdel charges 1 USD for orders under 15 USD, and for orders above 15 USD, the delivery fee is totally free. As of date, Grocerdel accepts electronic payments: ABA, Pi Pay, VISA and Mastercard. Just like Cambomarket, AEON Shopping Online and  GroceryDeliveryAsia, Grocerdel is available through a web-based platform accessible on your browser, or through a mobile app in the English language.

After learning about these five grocery delivery platform options, you will no longer have any reason to not give them a try.  You will save not only time, but might also end up getting some interesting deals.

Editor’s Note: Grocery Mobility or Chabhuoy Chalat, a new added member of the grocery delivery service, offers grocery on its website and Facebook page. Do check it out.

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