‘Element’ Music Festival Electrifies Sihanoukville’s Bay of Lights

From EDM icons to breathtaking visuals: Reliving the ‘Element’ Festival’s electrifying debut weekend.

Over the final weekend of 2023, Sihanoukville’s Bay of Lights came alive with the inaugural ‘Element’ Countdown Music Festival, orchestrated by One Asia Ventures. Spanning December 30th and 31st, this EDM extravaganza welcomed the new year with a diverse fusion of dance music, making it the go-to spot for music enthusiasts ushering in 2024.

Imagine toasting with champagne as EDM icons NERVO from Tomorrowland count down to midnight.

At the stroke of 12, the stage erupted in a breathtaking fireworks display, captivating the crowd. From fervent EDM fans grooving to the beats to chic attendees awestruck by the performances, the festival’s atmosphere radiates positivity and excitement. Distinct from renowned festivals like Tomorrowland or Wonderfruit, the ‘Element’ Festival made its mark in Cambodia, unfolding at the scenic Bay of Lights in Sihanoukville. Over the countdown weekend, the event delivered an exhilarating blend of music, performances, and fun.

Global headliners, including DJ Yellow Claw and NERVO, alongside an impressive lineup featuring DJ Wukong, the Hype Train crew, DJ Da Tweekaz, and DJ 22 Bullets, set the stage ablaze, ushering Cambodia into the new year.

One Asia Ventures, known for orchestrating festivals in Thailand, such as Unseen Music Festival and Creamfields Thailand, spearheaded this groundbreaking event — the first of its kind in Cambodia. The festival not only brought an exceptional music experience but also imported Thailand’s renowned New Year’s firework spectacle.

Attendees enjoyed VIP sections with Chang beer and sandbags, offering elevated views and plush VVIP seating. General admissions provided a great view of the stage, with ample space for dancing on the sandy shores. The Hype Train crew had the crowd singing their viral hit, “OG BOBBY ‘BONG’”. Rain on the first day failed to dampen spirits, with ravers dancing under umbrellas until Rave Republic took the stage, igniting the night with fiery blasts. The energy peaked when Yellow Claw transformed the festival into a colossal open-air club.

On the final day, attendees revealed under high-tech lights and smoke, mesmerised by crystal-clear, high-definition screens. One attendee, a local emcee and pageant queen, Sovattey Sary, described it as the “perfect party to spend with friends”. She expressed her hope for more such grand events in Cambodia.

With the kingdom’s young population craving international music festivals, sponsors like Chang Beer, the main sponsor of the Element Countdown Music Festival 2023, play a pivotal role. The thrill extends beyond the festival as the Bay of Lights, a USD 16 billion coastal township project, plans to expand next year, promising more exciting events along Cambodia’s shores.

By Sotheavy Nou

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