How a Cambodian-Japanese Horror Film Explores the Dark Side of History and Identity

“Tenement” is a riveting thriller that premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and is set to hit the screens in Cambodia this summer. Find out how the film’s co-directors, Inrasothythep Neth and Sokyou Chea, made its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

“Tenement” is a horror film that made its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and is coming to Cambodia this summer. The film is a collaboration between Kongchak Pictures and WML, and features Cambodian actors Thanet Horn and Socheata Sveng, as well as Japanese actor Yoshihiko Hosoda. The film was praised by critics and audiences for its originality, creativity, and quality.

The film follows Soriya, a Japanese-Cambodian manga artist, who travels to Cambodia with her boyfriend to learn more about her mother’s past. After her mother’s death, Soriya inherits her mother’s old apartment and moves in. She soon realizes that something is wrong with the building and its residents, who seem to be overly friendly and helpful at first. But what are they hiding? And what is the secret behind the apartment’s curse?

The film explores the themes of history, identity, and trauma, as Soriya uncovers the dark secrets of her mother’s life. The film also reflects the complex and often painful past, as well as the challenges faced by the Khmer diaspora.

The film’s co-directors, Inrasothythep Neth and Sokyou Chea, both have Cambodian roots and appreciate the positive feedback on their original and captivating story. The film’s team was delighted and honored to represent Cambodia on the world stage. Inrasothythep said, “We’re happy to have a positive reception from the audience and critics at the world premiere. It’s even more of an honor to represent Cambodia on a world stage.  Hoping we get more visibility for Cambodian cinema!” said Inrasothythep.

Sokyou said, “I feel proud to have represented Cambodia on the world stage with our film, and very grateful to the amazing Cambodian and Japanese team – cast and crew – who worked so hard to bring it to life. Thank you to the Rotterdam International Film Festival selection committee for selecting ‘Tenement’ for such a prestigious entrance to the world.”

Loy Te, the director of Kongchak Pictures, said “It was quite emotional to see the positive response this side of the world is having on our film after the challenging last few years we went through to get here. But personally, I am also very proud of both of our directors to see them debut at such a prestigious festival and fully embark on their filmmaking careers.”

Tenement is a horror film that will haunt your dreams and challenge your mind. You can catch it at the Osaka Film Festival on March 1-10, or wait for the Cambodia premiere in summer 2024. You can also follow the film’s official Facebook page for more updates and behind-the-scenes footage. But be warned: the film’s ending will shock you. You won’t believe what happens to Soriya and the apartment’s residents. Are you ready to face the horror?

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