Phnom Penh Photography Collective Have Their Group Art / Photo Exhibition

Samaki Exhibition Capturing “Samaki in Cambodia”

Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Phnom Penh Photography Collective, a diverse group of Photographers in Phnom Penh announced that they will have their group art / photo exhibition from 24, February, 2024 for a month at Hiroshima House with a theme “Samaki in Cambodia” collaborated with Hiroshima House / Hiroshima House Art Gallery Project and supported by Samai Rum Distillery and Humans of Cambodia.

After their launch on 5, Feb, 2023 their Instagram account attracted 1300+, Facebook Pagereached 700+, and 150+ joined Telegram Group within a year and they are growing everyday as a photographers’ community in Phnom Penh.

Of the Collective’s group art / photo exhibition, Phnom Penh Photography Collective’s Founder Shunsuke Miyatake said “Finally, we are able to welcome our 1st anniversary and have a group art / photography exhibition “Samaki Exhibition” through collaboration with Hiroshima House / Hiroshima House Art Gallery Project and Samai Rum Distillery. This time, we got offered by Hiroshima House to work together for their art gallery project inside their building. Hiroshima House has a beautiful history and as a Japanese person, I really want to share their background and beautiful place to all the people in Cambodia. We discussed it in the community, and we decided “THEME” for this exhibition. The theme is “Samaki in Cambodia” After knowing the history and the relationship between Hiroshima and Cambodia, and their goal, we Phnom Penh Photography Collective deeply considered and came up with this theme. “Samaki” means “Unity” / “Solidarity” / “Bonds” / “Community” in Khmer. There are various forms of “Samaki” around our life. Between family, friends, people, nature, animals, community… This time, we asked every photographer and artist to think about “Samaki in Cambodia” in their understanding and take it in their own way. This exhibition will showcase “Samaki” from 50+ photographers and 10 artists from inside / outside of Cambodia. We will sell all the photos / art works in the exhibition and we will donate 70% of each art piece sale to Hiroshima House for the kids to study there. I really hope more people know about Hiroshima House, enjoy art / photography, buy and contribute to the kids’ education through our exhibition.”

Exhibition Date / Place

Exhibition Opening : 12-7PM, February 24th, 2024 and last for a month
Exhibition Venue : Hiroshima House in Wat Ounalom

About Exhibition Opening

We will gather and meet up with great artists and photographers all together. Anybody can join for free. We will showcase 50+ Photographers, 10 international / local artists including Adana Mam-Legros, RYYSA, Peap Tarr, Lisa Mam, NOWHERE ART STUDIO, BKK Studio Sauce and some great musicians including The Broken Cymbal and DJ. Anybody can buy any photos and art works in the exhibition. 70% of every single sale would be donated to the kids studying at Hiroshima House. And you can enjoy arts / photographs / music with great drinks. We partnered with SAMAI and they will create special drinks for this exhibition.

About Hiroshima House

The Hiroshima House in Cambodia has a remarkable story. It originated from the support extended by the Hiroshima-Cambodia Civic Exchange Association to Cambodian athletes during the 1994 Hiroshima Asian Games. Upon learning about the challenges faced in sending Cambodian athletes to Japan, Hiroshima citizens rallied behind them.

Following the games, with the assistance of Reverend Osamu Shibui, the idea to construct the Hiroshima House within the Wat Ounalom Pagoda in Phnom Penh took shape. Completed in 2006, the house was founded on a powerful concept: to share the history of Hiroshima’s devastation by the atomic bomb with the Cambodian people, who themselves had experienced the horrors of the Khmer Rouge regime.

Today, the Hiroshima House serves as a sanctuary for approximately 65 children, including those living on the streets, providing them with a nurturing environment for learning and growth. It stands as a symbol of hope, unity, and resilience, bringing together the shared journeys of Hiroshima and Cambodia.

By offering educational opportunities and fostering cross-cultural connections, the Hiroshima House embodies the unwavering spirit of both communities and serves as a bridge between them. It is a testament to the power of understanding, peace, and ongoing exchanges, demonstrating that even in the face of immense challenges, compassion and cooperation can create a brighter future.

About Phnom Penh Photography Collective: Phnom Penh Photography Collective was founded in Feb, 2023 and is growing rapidly with like-minded photo lovers. Phnom Penh Photography Collective holds “Themed” Photo Walks every month and shares diverse perspectives. They are inviting all kinds of creative people with the aim of being a platform as “Phnom Penh Creative Collective”.

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