Pachem Dental Clinic to celebrate 20th Anniversary of Operations

Pachem Dental Clinic recently announced that the practice will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of serving customers in Cambodia on December 6th, 2019.  Over the past two decades of its operations, Pachem has transformed itself from a small practice to becoming the leading dental health service provider in Cambodia, offering high-tech dental facilities featuring state-of-the-art equipment, and highly-qualified dental care professionals. 

Whether patients are seeking preventative care or restorative dental treatments, or if they need to pay a visit to the dentist on the same day due to an unexpected emergency, Pachem continues to provide its patients with a wide-range of services along with personalised care. Between 1999 and 2019, Pachem has served more than 200,000 customers, 15% of whom have been foreign nationals and medical tourists. In 2011, the clinic was certified as having met the coveted ISO 9001-2008 standards, signifying that the services offered at any of Pachem’s clinics meet the highest quality and safety standards recognised internationally within the field of dentistry and related medical care.

“We owe our success to our loyal customers whose support has helped us become who we are today. We believe there is no better way to thank our customers than by providing them with the highest quality of care that they deserve,” said Mr Leng Tong, co-founder of Pachem. “We aim to live up to our motto of ‘Enhancing your smile with the latest technology’ – everyone should be able to smile with confidence, and Pachem is committed to helping our customers achieve that end.”

“Over the course of years, Pachem has invested in its dental care professionals by encouraging them to join various education, training and lifelong learning programmes. Focusing on the highest quality of patient care, Pachem strives to improve the health and safety of our patients, which is why we also maintain high-tech dental facilities at our clinics,” added Mr. Leng. “As an illustration, Pachem has procured the Vatech Green CT 2 X-Ray system, a technological marvel that provides high-quality diagnostic images with minimal radiation. It also enables faster workflow due to shorter scantime. Having the only one in the country at Pachem is a tremendous source of pride for us.”

Pachem Dental Clinic has endeavoured to remain at the forefront of the evolving fields in dentistry through a commitment towards integrating state-of-the-art innovation to deliver a wide-range of custom-tailored restorative, aesthetic and implant dentistry solutions. The full-service facilities at Pachem’s clinics featuring modern operatories, diagnostic imaging, and an on-site dental laboratory allow patients to complete all phases of their treatment under one roof. Pachem Dental Clinic also acquires its dental products from exceptional manufacturers with a reputation for excellence in production. 

Dental implants are sourced from Swiss-based Straumann Group and South Korean OSSTEM Implant, both of whom have received accolades globally for their pioneering, innovative products. Invisalign from San Jose, California, a cutting-edge alternative to traditional braces, is yet another high-end offering at Pachem. Made of medical grade polyurethane resin, these teeth aligners gradually and gently move teeth to their proper positions while remaining virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Aside from the high-level of comfort, they are also removable thereby allowing for normal brushing and flossing of teeth. Furthermore, Pachem also provides several other options for orthodontic treatments such as Ormco (Damon) and BioQuick (Forestadent) Self-Ligation (SL) advanced brackets that effectively straighten teeth in a quick, convenient and discreet manner, without the use of wires that put undue pressure on the teeth. These have become a popular choice for the adult demographic in Cambodia today.

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