Arabica Coffee Launches in Cambodia

Arabica recently opened in Cambodia in 2019! And, you can now make your way to Vattanac Capital Tower where Arabica Cafe is situated on the Ground Floor.

Vattanac Capital Tower is a 39-storey building in Phnom Penh and is one of Cambodia’s most iconic landmarks. It consists of office towers, a luxury shopping mall and the ultra luxury Rosewood Hotel. The mall also hosts a number of world-class luxury brands, revolutionising Phnom Penh’s shopping experience.

Founder, Kenneth Shoji, wrote a beautiful piece of writing about why he founded % Arabica.

My story begins in Tokyo, Japan.  Being raised by parents who were enthusiasts of a universal language called ‘’Esperanto”, we would travel abroad every summer to attend a “World Esperanto Congress” held in different countries.  My father was the owner of a manufacturing and trading company, and together with his frequent business trips, they would take me overseas whenever possible – ultimately helping to inspire my love of multiculturalism, design, and architecture.
Who am I?
What kind of life do I want to live?
I reflected on them over and over.  Eventually, I found my answers.
・I want to live a simple and down-to-earth life.
・I only need the basics to be satisfied: food, clothing and a house.
・As my parents did for me, I also want to travel with my children and provide a higher standard of life for them.
And my last answer was coffee.
I truly need an amazing cup of coffee every day. This is why I founded
% Arabica.

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