CamboFarm: The Only Rabbit Farm in Cambodia

We warn you, it’s #cutenessoverload.

We took photographs of these very adorable rabbits earlier, there will not be much of description by the way, but merely photos of them we took with Canon 70D.

This one is called Mini-rex. Yes, he stuck out his tongue. We are not sure why, but perhaps, it happened after we ran around the table trying to capture a snapshot of him with less success. Yes, that was an insult to our “photographer” spirit. But, Mini-rex has the softest fur, and if you have ever touched a lovely and soft towel anywhere, yes, this would be how you feel when you touch Mini-rex too.

This is a very special breed. We call it special because we are not sure what it is called exactly. 😀 But, according to one Wikipedia page,  it is called “Holland Lop” because of its hanging ears. It also said further that the ears of Holland Lop should hang vertically, approximately one finger’s width from the eye. The crown should be strongly defined. The bone and legs should be thick, and the fur glossy and dense. The Holland Lop is a breed of rabbit originating in the Netherlands. The breed was recognized by the Netherlands’ Governing Rabbit Council in 1964 and the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association in 1979. They are popular house pets, and are very popular and competitive for show. They are also known for their sweet temperament and nonaggressive behavior, though they retain a certain doglike tenacity. Okay, we didn’t say this, but that’s what the Wikipedia article said. 😀

This is another Holland Lop that looks like a panda. 😛

“What’s up, bro?”

We don’t know what their breed is called. But, they look like dwarf rabbits by the appearance of their short ears and face.

Since they were very playful, we panted after the photo session. However, all the photos that came out were worth it.

“Look at me. I can stand on my two feet! Ain’t it cool!”
Behind the scene: we had to trick the rabbit with the spinach leaf.

“Hey, you! Yes, you! Who else?”

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