Emirates donates 40 sustainable blankets to Cambodian Children’s Fund

Celebrating the World’s Environmental Day, Emirates Airlines is giving away 40 sustainable blankets on their first tour trip to the Cambodian Children’s Fund, an organization known for providing educational and community services to some thousands of Cambodian kids and families

The sustainable blankets are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. By the end of 2019, Emirates would have rescued about 88 million plastic bottles from landfills– equivalent to the weight of 44 A380 aircraft. Each Emirates ecoTHREAD™ blanket is made from 28 recycled plastic bottles. With the latest innovation, the bottles are recycled into plastic chips before being turned into yarn, creating a polar fleece material. The fine thread is then woven into soft blankets.The environmentally-friendly blankets were designed in partnership with Buzz, the world’s leading inflight product specialists, and are part of Emirates’ continued commitment to product innovation and sustainability.

During this tour, Emirates’ management team has an opportunity to meet with CCF Grants Manager Nicky WarD, CCF staff and students.The Cambodian Children’s Fund is a non-profit organization that has been actively helping children out of poverty and have access to education.

Emirates prides itself in engaging in environmental awareness activities as it has been involving in promoting other environmental protection initiatives to many of its destinations. For instance, Emirates already runs a green programme on board recycling aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles, and clean paper products such as newspapers, magazines and cardboard cartons where possible.

Furthermore, Emirates uses an aircraft drywash technique to clean its airplanes by saving 11.7 million litres of water per year. It takes a crew of 15 staff about 12 hours to clean an A380.

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