When in Phnom Penh’s Interview with Insidious’s Leigh Whannell and Lin Shaye

The latest installment of ‘Insidious’ franchise hit Cambodia today, filling theatres with audience’s screams and laughter.

Sotheavy spoke with Lin Shaye (Elise) from Insidious
Leigh (Specs) Whannell of Insidious

‘Insidious: The last Key’ brings back the ghost hunting trio of Elise, Tucker, and Specs, to where it all started – Elise’s childhood home. In a two-part interview with When in Phnom Penh’s Sotheavy Nou, the writer/creator Leigh (Specs) Whannell and Lin Shaye (Elise) sit down to discuss the film.

Facebook posts of the film have already admitted a scream or two, even one claiming of a mini heart attack. So bring some popcorn and a friend because this is not a film to watch alone in the dark!

Sotheavy Nou, a film enthusiast and WIPP’s writer

Credit: Video edited by Taingvitou Mut

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