The Tastiest Waffles in Phnom Penh

I’ve tried waffles before, but I’ve never tasted anything as angelically wonderful as the waffles at Waffle Cafe Orange.

I was introduced to Waffle Cafe Orange by a Japanese American friend, Akira Morita, who has recently moved to Cambodia with his wife and son, and runs MODI events for his design initiative.

Waffle Cafe Orange is located at #61, Street 63 (Trasok Pa-em) in Beung Keng Kang I area.  The cafe is small enough to accommodate close to 20 people, I assess. The wooden chairs are pretty comfortable, but you won’t find padded ones like other cafes near there. As soon as we were seated, I started browsing through the menu. I did not hesitate to order “Waffles with BlueBerry”. I rarely hesitate to eat or drink anything blueberry. 🙂 Another friend of mine ordered “Waffles with Mango and Orange” added with a little ice cream on top.


photo 1
One thing I really like about waffles here was that they didn’t taste too sweet. I like the combination and the moderate amount of syrup on the plate.
photo 2
Of course, I finished my Waffles pretty quickly. I liked the arrangement such as the cream on the top and the not-so-sweet blueberry!
photo 3
Akira, Antoine, Anirudh, Kounila (Left to right). Don’t get confused. We didn’t inform each other about this in advance. We happened to wear these cool T-shirts by chance. We’re self-proclaimed geeks!
photo 4
Antoine considers this cafe as his office and likes working on his assignments there. I also like the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the cafe.
photo 1
Simple but very stunning decoration inside the cafe
photo 2
My visit to Waffle Cafe Orange was so much fun because of the little Kush. Don’t forget to bring your family there to enjoy waffles and good drinks.


Note: The average price of waffle at the cafe is 3.50 USD.

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