This viral Cambodian video changes your mind about owning a latrine!

If you watch Cambodia television, you might have come across this TV ad. The overall reaction to it is mixed. Some think that it is a disgusting ad because it invokes strong emotions towards our private part of our lives: of course, defecation.

However, the main idea of the ad campaign based on the whole video is to invoke some embarrassment of not owing a toilet and to encourage Cambodians in and outside Phnom Penh to care more about their hygiene and health.

Remote areas in Cambodia still suffer from a lack of latrines, and many still do open defecation which leads to diseases and some environmental issues around the communities they live in.

Cambodian people’s perception about latrines is that it is costly to build and hard to maintain, which is not really true according to a group of water and sanitation initiatives that have been working to identify problems. So, clearly the lack of latrines stems from people’s false perception about latrines.

Watch this video to see a funny scenario that we are sure many families in the countryside have gone through. Say, shall we avoid running into such embarrassment by building a simple toilet even if its a squat toilet? 😉 We’re certain Cambodians squat a lot!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from the social campaign to raise awareness about a shortage of latrines in Cambodia. We’d love to hear from you how we perform.

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