A Taste of Ethiopia in Phnom Penh

Have you checked out Sara Ethiopian restaurant on street 172 near the National Museum yet? If you haven’t, you’d better hurry there! This is a pretty new restaurant in town, offering a pretty good selection of Ethiopian dishes, such as foul (in the picture), injera ($1 per piece) the sour spongy bread (sourdough flatbread), and the beef dish, Chechebsa, Mesir Wot, Ethiopian salad, and yes some more! 

(Arab influence) Foul with bread and spiced tea
If you haven’t tried Ethiopian coffee, you have missed some really nice coffee! 🙂

Sara Alamerew and her husband, Berhanu Demisse, opened Sara Ethiopian Restaurant at the beginning of May, actually the city’s first restaurant serving Ethiopian food according of the Phnom Penh Post article written by James Reddick.

At Sara, food is better consumed by platter, and the specialty, Doro Wat or a spicy chicken stew, is highly recommended. Another one is Minchet Abish, chopped beef with onion and Tikil Gomen ( a cabbage dish)…and of course, lentils!

Apparently, there are a handful of Ethiopians living in Phnom Penh, so this restaurant provides a taste of home because according to Sara, she did not learn cooking at school but in her own kitchen back in Ethiopia.

Note: Sara Ethiopian Restaurant is open from 10:30am-10:30pm every day. It is located at #7 Street 172, near the national museum. Tel: 070 36 30 41 


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  1. The restaurant deserves all the praise it’s getting! The doro wot was almost a religious experience. I considered myself to be lucky to be human and have tastebuds. I was grateful for the fact that I could eat there. I would almost say it is worth going to PP just for the doro wot. All the best, guys!!

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