NHAM24: Ordering food online in Cambodia is totally possible

I’m on a mission to experience Cambodia’s recent innovation. In Silicon Valley, I rely on technology to solve everything from transportation to banking. My phone has become one of my most important possessions as it enables me to manage almost all aspects of my life with just a few taps. In Cambodia, I don’t often turn to mobile applications because it has taken me some time to adjust to the fact that these solutions now exist. However, now that I am experimenting with these new mobile apps, I wanted to share my experiences so that you can try them too!

I’ll begin with a confession: I am always hungry.

If I had a superpower, I would want to be able to make food instantly appear… because that would be awesome. Fortunately, Cambodia has food-delivery apps that actually work. I was a bit hesitant since these apps can be expensive (delivery fee), slow, or unreliable. However, after using NHAM24 a few times, I’m pretty sure that I will continue to use them in the future.

To truly take you through the experience from A – Z, I’ll take you from download to delivery.

This is what it looks like when you download the app:


Things are going well so far:


After entering my location, I made it clear that I was extremely lazy and that I wanted to only search for options that were “Delivery Only” –– pickup is out of the question. There are some issues with this filter, such as there not being an option to filter by “Open Now” which didn’t help my late night munchies. Hopefully, they add this option soon!


Finally, it was time to browse all of the delicious options that were moments away from being in my belly. It was very easy to scroll through these options and I was able to find something that would satisfy my sushi caving:


Once I clicked on the restaurant I wanted, I was taken to the next screen where I could browse the menu and select a few items to place in my cart:


$2 Yakitori? Yes please!


After I was done selecting my items, I simply moved to the checkout menu and selected the “delivery” option and “Deliver ASAP.” There was a delivery fee of $1, but the overall price was still reasonable. I even earned a few points with my purchase for the next time I got hungry. Spoiler alert: I was hungry one hour later and used NHAM24 again 🙂


NHAM24 didn’t seem to accept in-app payments, so I selected the “cash” option since it was the only one available.  Finally, I placed my order.


I quickly got a confirmation email, so I was never kept in the dark…


…and a push notification.


This is the part that really gets me. I never know when my driver will arrive or how they will contact me to let me know when they have arrived. I paced back and forth a bit and frequently looked over my balcony to see if there was anyone outside of my apartment. Fortunately, they called to let me know they had arrived and politely waited downstairs, even though I got the call a bit late (I missed the first one.)


After about 30 minutes, I was enjoying sushi in bed while I finished up a few projects. It was fast and easy, and not unreasonably priced. The delivery folks were very patient and kind, and my yakitori was still warm.

While I’m a little disappointed they don’t do late night delivery, I would definitely use NHAM24 again for lunch or dinner. It worked just as well as UBER Eats or Caviar, but half the price!

Checkout the desktop version of NHAM24 here.

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